10 Best Ways To Improve Life


  1. Laughing More - The world has way too little laughter. Make it a daily habit to laugh out loud, to truly lol, once at least.
  2. Reading Books - 1 Book a Month at minimum, 4 if you want to quickly live a better life. Self-Improvement Books about specific things you want to add to your life are a great start.
  3. Reaching Out First - If you want to have more fun with friends then you plan the events. Don’t wait for others to get you to the life you want and take the first step yourself as often as you want to.
  4. Exercising Regularly - 4–6 days a week with at least 1–2 days of cardio.
  5. Going Outside - Nature, Fresh Air, and calm, relaxing breezes are sometimes all you need to take the edge of a stressful day.
  6. Scheduling your Day - Unconscious Time is Waste Time. Conscious Time is Not. Regret only comes from the empty spaces in your calendar.
  7. Meditating - Too few people nowadays look inward for fulfillment and try to fill their day with distractions. Learn who you are. Take 10 Minutes every day to be with yourself.
  8. Being Charitable - Give what you can. Ideally so much that you are just very slightly uncomfortable doing it, for that is where you find the most growth & reward.
  9. Showing Courage - It is often said that you regret more of what you didn’t do than what you did do. Show enough Courage in your Life to let these moments be as few as possible.
  10. Consciously Training Your Mind - How you talk about yourself and what you think each day are a large part of what makes up your world. Train this to be positive, supportive and empowering. Write down empowering thoughts and repeat them twice a day. Find proof of these thoughts in your memories and you will strengthen yourself even more.
  11. Being More Active - In both life and relationships, try to take the active role. Fill your days with more events and places-to-be, and add activities to all your relationships. The more you do the more you gain from life. Limit your time sitting alone at home.
  12. Saying ‘No’ - If it is not a clear, unequivocal ‘Yes’ it defaults to a ‘No’. Say this word more often and make your own plans.
  13. Saying ‘Yes’ - Try yourself at more things that scare you, that make you uncomfortable or that you know are good for you. Give yourself the courage to exit your comfort zone; it is where most of the magic happens.
  14. Being Vulnerable with Others - Yes, this can bite you in the butt, but most of the time it will be the gateway to a much deeper relationship or friendship. Be brave; you’ll be rewarded with more than you will loose.
  15. Experience More - Spend your Money on things that give you experiences rather than the newest, hottest product that will be outdated again in a months time. For memories, unlike things, last a lifetime.

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