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20 Life Hacks To Help Live Life Better (Part 1)

1. Never think twice about genuine investments in yourself.

2. When you think something positive or nice about someone, let them know in a simple way.

3. Put your alarm clock in the bathroom.

4. To improve at anything, do it 30 min per day for 30 straight days.

5. Hire a writer to document your parents’ stories.

6. Write 3 things you’re grateful for every night.

7. Go for a 15 minute walk every morning.

8. Pursue the larger luck surface area ( Don't always stay in comfort zone ).

9. Always look out and tell your partner one thing you appreciate about them daily or regularly.

10. Do things you’ll be excited to tell your kids about.

11. Spend 15 minutes in the evening preparing for the next morning.

12. If someone tries to put down your accomplishments, cut them out.

13. Take yourself out for a meal alone monthly.

14. Swallow the frog for your boss early in your career.

15. If someone brags about their success, assume the reality is 50% of what they say.

16. When someone is going through hell, just say “I’m with you.”

17. Reread your favorite books annually.

18. Never delay difficult conversations.

19. Do the “old fashioned” things well.

20. If you’re going to say yes because you think you’ll have more time in the future, say no instead.

Part 2 to come soon. Stay tuned. Thanks for reading.