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Weight Loss Tips That Helped Me Lose 70 Pounds

I am not a weight loss expert, but I have lost 70 pounds in the past two years and I do have some tips that really helped me.

Most of this I learned from trial and error, but other tips have come to me during my process of trying to lose the weight. If these tips can be of help to anyone else, then I am really happy to be able to share them with you.

The very first tip I have is one that took me a long time to learn and often I think that I am still learning it. If you are calling this a "diet" you need to stop now! You need to start to think of this as a "lifestyle change". How many times have you told people that you are on a diet?

 They might think "oh, another diet". I know, because I have done that. What you have to do is to work at changing your habits. If you are think diet, you are setting yourself up for failure. You are changing the way you are living your life!

The next tip is one that a friend told me, and it is very helpful. You need to think as a thin person thinks. You might learn this trick just by just watching the kinds of things a thin person eats or drinks. If you don't start thinking thin, it will be hard to be thin.

Generally thin people are on the go a lot, and are burning off those extra calories. They also may eat differently than you do. So start today and think like a thin person thinks.

Add exercise to your daily life. You already know that eating less will mean that you are consuming less calories and if you start to exercise you now burn off more energy.

You really did not need me to tell you this, because you already know this, but you can change your lifestyle just by adding more exercise to your life. You do not need to go to a gym to do this, you can add walking to your daily activities.

Post a photo on your refrigerator of what you look like now! Then find a photo of something you would like to fit into or a goal you would like to achieve. Maybe, if you lost all the weight you wanted to you could once again go hiking, or some other activity. This might be the one thing that reminds you to not snack.

Don't do it alone. Tell someone that you know that will be supportive about what you are trying to achieve. They can cheer you on when you are discouraged. My daughter has been my cheering squad.

 Even if I lose one or two pounds, she has been there to tell me that I am doing a great job and that she is proud of me. I can also tell her when I am having a hard time of it, and she does not judge me. You need a person in your corner!

Try to avoid sabotaging well meaning friends or relatives. They might no realize what they are doing. You can even sabotage your own self. You need to be aware of this and only then can you address it.

Drink Water! This tip alone will make a big difference in your weight loss. I find that when I do drink water I have a much better loss. Water is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Use it when you are thirsty, but also you it when you think you are hungry. Often you will find, a glass of water will fill you up and curb that desire to have a snack.

Set a realistic goal. You might want to lose 50 pounds. Scary isn't it! So start smaller. Think I want to lose 10 pounds in the next month or whatever time limit you would like. After you reach that goal, reward yourself with a new haircut, a new shirt or something that is NOT food. Then set your next goal and go for it. Soon you will be at your own personal goal.

Before starting any "lifestyle change", go and talk with your doctor. There might be certain things that he does not want you to do. Your health has to be considered before starting any weight loss plan.

There are lots of other things that might be helpful to each of you as we all are individuals and have different things that help us, but one important thing will to be to find a weight loss program that works for you and to stick to it. There is a great program that is quickly becoming the # 1 best selling weight loss Program because it is both healthy for you and easy to follow. Be sure to check it out here!

These tips have helped me lose 70 pounds! I have more to lose and I know I will do it! It is not easy, but it will be worth being able to do the activities that I love once again. Find a daily plan that works for you. You are important! Make time for yourself in your life. Start your day with a time that is just for you, to exercise, to plan and to make your life better because you deserve it.

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