Thursday, July 9, 2009

Read This To Know If Energy Drinks Are Dangerous ?

The rumors that energy drinks are bad for you are steadily growing in society but are there any facts at the center of these rumors? 

We have heard that energy drinks can harm your heart. We have heard that energy drinks can dehydrate you. 

We have heard so many things but what can we believe? Well to get to the root of it, energy drinks can be bad for you. 

They can hurt your heart over time and they can dehydrate you which can also be dangerous. However, if you are aware of the certain dangers associated with energy drinks than you will also realize that they aren't that bad, once in a while.

More often than not people blame the health problems caused by energy drinks on their obscure and relatively unknown ingredients. 

When I see a Red Bull label boasting a graphic "Now With Taurine" I am thinking, what is Taurine? Quercetin is also making its' debut on the energy drink scene.

 Along with other ingredients that people have never heard of and that makes everyone wonder exactly what they are drinking. Let me help clarify.

Taurine believe it not is commonly used in medicinal practice. Taurine is actually a non-essential amino acid very commonly found in skeletal muscles and inside of white blood cells. 

The central nervous system and heart also contains Taurine. The body uses Taurine to help with fat digestion and in regulating anxiety and hyperactivity. 

A Taurine deficiency may actually hurt your vision and even cause issues with how well your metabolism burns fat.

Quercetin is a vital and powerful antioxidant which is most commonly found in apples, grapes and berries.

 Quercetin works by essentially replicating the effects of an exercise by increasing the mitochondria levels which your body produces.

 Mitochondria are energy producing elements in cells. If your goal is healthy energy than Quercetin is defiantly a step in the right direction

A prevalent issue with popular energy drinks is that they contain very large doses of caffeine. There are far too many energy drinks that depend of caffeine for their energy. The underlying problem here is that caffeine levels in energy drinks are not regulated by the FDA. 

While a regular can of soda is only allowed to contain up to 65mg of caffeine per 12 ounce can, energy drinks have been found to contain up to 280mg of caffeine in only a 8.4 ounce can. 

People who consume this amount of caffeine on a regular basis put their heart above all in serious danger. You are drastically increasing your heart rate and doing so consistently is like redlining a car for a long road trip, eventually the engine is going to blow.

There are a few companies that have recognized this problem and begun taking steps in the right direction. 

People have been looking for a healthy energy drink for some time now and though a company here or there may put 1 healthy ingredient inside of their product is does not necessarily mean that their product is a healthy one. 

In your search for a healthy energy drink it is important that you examine the entire package not just the front label, keep in mind that is what they want you to see. 

The information on the back is everything that they are required to show you. The best healthy energy drink I have found is that of FRS. 

The FRS energy drink seems to have nailed the recipe and created an all around healthy energy boost that is safe for athletes, workers and yeah, partiers too.

About the Author 

Doug Preston maintains an informative health and wellness website which contains information on energy drinks and the newly available FRS energy drink

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