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Listed Ways You Can Identify Intelligent People


  • Smart people have great observational skills. They are great at reading facial expressions, hand and foot gestures. It is their way of understanding a person and behaving accordingly.
  • They realize the importance of words. They are very articulate and weigh the words before saying them. This helps them put their thoughts across in a concise and precise manner.
  • They have an exceptional sense of humor and have a knack for making sarcastic comments.
  • They put being pragmatic before being emotional. They believe that making some big decisions of life like buying a house, career shifts should be done on excel sheets keeping return in mind.
  • Having said that, they are emotional too when it comes to friends and family and are ready to go to any length for them.
  • They are selective in making friends and are great at identifying and maintaining a safe distance from toxic people. This helps them remain productive.
  • They like reading books and try to incorporate the learnings.
  • The answer is rather simple analysis and insight.

    •They are insightful thinkers who take time regularly to asses and analyse the situation and take the next step of action.

    •It's not like everyday people don't do it. But smart people do it most of the time.

    •The reason they don't get analysis paralysis is they have clear priorities.

    • They too get decision fatigue but out of sheer practice of their proper smartness they have built ways for bouncing back and recovery from decision fatigue quickly.

    For example albert Einstein used to go for boating in nature regularly to recharge.

  • Nature walks are also one of the best ways to maximize your potential and build bullet proof brains. 

  • Have a nice day.

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