7 Behaviors Of Confident People

Appearing confident is one thing. Being confident is something else. True confidence never shouts.

1. They talk less around unintelligent conversations.

Confident people never try to correct people, preach to people, or be the bigger person in the situation. When they find themselves in a conversation that is negative, they just talk less in these situations.

2. They dress well.

They do know however what works for them. Maybe they have a form-fitting tailored suit. Maybe they have sunglasses that make them feel like a celebrity. What ever it is, they have attire that makes them feel the part.

3. Their verbal cues match their non-verbal cues.

If someone was complimenting another person while wincing or faking a smile, it may be a sign that they didn’t mean what they were saying. Confident people on the other hand tend to mean what they say.

4. They don’t rely on luck.

Luck is for those without the confidence to take responsibility. Confident people with high self esteem will take luck when they get it, but they don’t rely on it. They know they will succeed without it.

5. They don’t over-apologize.

Over-apologizing is often associated with people-pleasing, low self-esteem, or a feeling of responsibility for other people’s actions. Confident people know that they’re only accountable for themselves.

6. Their body posture is very open and inviting.

People who are confident will lean into the conversation, and not away from it. They will maintain eye contact with whoever they are speaking to, or whoever is speaking to them.

7. They are comfortable striking up a conversation.

People with confidence don’t wait for others to strike up a conversation with them. They can talk to people that are mere acquaintances or strangers they meet.

Born to express, not impress.

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