Sunday, February 21, 2016

31 Short Healthy Tips To Reduce Stress And Tension

1. If any stressful event comes discuss it with your trusted, loyal intimate friend.

2. Spend little time with your kids and join their plays.

3. If you get time go for a healthy discussion on any interesting topic.

4. Always approach the people in a polite manner.

5. Maximum attempt should be made to reduce enemies.

6. Keep a regular routine for your activities.

7. Never postpone the works.

8. Sound sleep is very essential to relax your mind and body.

9. Always prefer room with fresh air.

10. Getup early in the morning.

11. After waking have a nice bath with your favorite shampoo.

12. Use some perfumes and room fresheners you like.

13. Have a relaxing body massage.

14. Personal hygiene should be maintained.

15. Your health problems should be discussed with the doctor and follow his instructions.

16. Make a habit of cleaning the home and surroundings.

17. Keep sexual relations with only one partner.

18. Morning and evening walk is  good to relax.

19. Afternoon sleep is good but should not be a deep sleep with snoring.

20. Listen good music and go for a movie with your good friend or friends.

21. Reading interesting books can reduce tension.

22. Gardening is a useful method to relax.

23. Spend little time with pet animals.

24. Engage in some games.

25. Keep some time to engage in your hobbies.

26. When you get time write some literal things like articles,poems and stories.

27. Keep a regular timing for food.

28. Take plenty of fruits and vegetables.

29. Prepare your favorite meal and have it with your family.

30. Having food from restaurants may give you a good mood. 

31. Excess of drinking and smoking should be avoided.

Stay Positive and Have a nice day.

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