Friday, August 28, 2009

How Long Will You Wait?- Its Time To Loose Weight by: Peyton Barclay

The first thing to remember when you want to lose weight in a hurry is that it is not safe to lose too much weight too fast. In fact weight loss should happen gradually. Losing weight can be a challenge, but if you are consistent and can incorporate these easy tips in your daily lifestyle, it may not be as difficult as what it seems.

Selecting the right foods:

Foods that are rich in their fat content should definitely be avoided. A person wanting to lose weight should not consume more than 25% of their calories intake from non – saturated fat. Many research and studies have shown that table sugar increases calories consumption. It is a fact that eating sweet would make you want to eat more of everything and also make your body emit chromium which is a mineral that helps in production of calorie burning lean tissue. Increasing the intake of dietary fibre can also help in weight loss as foods rich in fibre help in curbing hunger and improving the digestive system. Rich fibre foods include fruits, whole grain cereals and vegetables. In fact it is advisable to consume fresh and raw vegetables and fruits instead of junk food and other snacks. This would also result in a stronger immune system and great skin. Rich protein diets are a great fat burning mechanism which helps in initiating weight loss and building muscles. Finally avoid salty food when trying to lose weight

as salt forces the body to retain water which results in bloating.

Drink Lots:

It is very important to drink a substantial number of glasses of water to keep the nutrients in balance. Water acts like a solvent for many necessary minerals and vitamins and also helps in flushing out waste and toxins from the body. As a rule, one should lose half an ounce of water for every pound of the body weight daily. Drinking unflavoured and plain filtered water will also keep the body hydrated. Adding green tea to the routine would also help in natural weight loss. Drinking green tea on a daily basis would speed up the metabolism of the body which would result in burning fat at a much higher rate. Finally drinking milk also plays an important role in weight loss as it lowers the overall calories count in the body.

Daily Routine Exercise:

One of the most important quick weight loss tips includes exercising. Regular working out would complement the diet and improve the overall shape and contour of the body. It would also help in blood flow which is essential for the proper functioning of the tissues. It is not necessary for the workout to be very extensive. In fact simple exercise like isometric exercises or walking to suit the person’s fitness level can be undertaken. It is very important to burn fats by choosing a programme that is simple and easy to follow for you. If you plan to follow a long workout programme, it is advisable to take small breaks in between. This would help in burning fats faster than usual.

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One may certainly be able to fulfil the dream of having a fit and well toned body with wonder working, fat loss secrets. While on your journey to reduce weight one must likewise be careful to avoid the common, fat loss mistakes that may make the condition even worse.

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